Guys, what event do you commemorate in your country?

what event do you commemorate and do you find is important and why?
Our history instructor said that we should commemorate our civil was but I told her it s non sense really.
cause fun facts about lebanon, history stopped being recorded after our civil war due to corruption.
each party has his version of the war...
so I told her I find no point in commemorating an event I didn t take part in and have no records off.
Therefore, I am completely indifferent.
so how about you guys?

egh I just noticed my mistakes
so "it important"
"our civil war"
"each party has its"


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  • Victory in Europe day = (8th may) for World War 2
    Remembrance day = (11th November) for World War 1
    St Patrick's day = (17th March) My girlfriend is Irish so i have to do this haha
    Bonfire night = (5th November) When guy fawkes tried to blow up parliment.
    Trooping the colour = Today, im actually out rn watching the Queen's birthday parade the one when the British redcoats come out.

    Those are all i can think of that apply to the country, obviously you have Christmas + Easter even though im atheist. The important one is the WW2 one, because i might not even be here or speaking English if they had won WW2.

    • awesome! thanks for sharing
      but one last question, how do you commemorate victory in Europe day
      and remembrance day?

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    • Cheers! :)

    • Haha 🍸

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  • We pray to Donald trump after we order our McDonald's.


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  • I commemorate my birth on this planet. That is an event worth remembering :p

  • I dont commemorate it just feel holiday is useful.
    And I saw those events' meaning was interpreted again.
    Then ruin it... I dont know how to say. It is cruel to hate culture.
    Cause those things in culutes was mixed in thoughts.
    What I say is like ISIS do now.
    So I study on repeated theory. I think that is trying to find enternal law in the theory. So for me in the theory, history is like map.
    Take an example it is like you walk in the desert without the map or something.
    You think you just go straight you will walk out of the desert.
    But you footstep have gap in each step then you may walk in a cycle actually.

    • I am not sure I am following
      commemorating is liek hating a culture or what?

    • Sorry for hard to describe it. It depends on the events story.
      But commemorating it there are activities like ceremony. The scenes become memory in culture. Then become the target to hate and there are stuffs that are produced.
      There is symbols hide in it. It is like I burn your country's flag you know what I mean to do that.
      Those stuffs just a bridge. Others... depends on ego.

  • In New Zealand

    ANZAC day.
    Labour day.
    Waitangi day.
    All the areas of New Zealand have their own anniversary day.

  • July 21 1830, founding of Belgium
    Nov11, the end of WW1 and its horrors.
    May 8, the end of WW2 and its horrors WAS a public holiday but authorities ended it with a tiny reason: "too many public holidays in Spring". (I suppose they ended it to stay good friends with our German neighbors)

    • but how do you commemorate them
      other than a day off

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    • Belgium is part of NATO. I would be surprised if none have lost their lives in NATO actions. As for those killed accidentally in UN missions, that is still being killed while in service to your country and here is considered death in military action.

    • @Red_Arrow Right now Belgium helps defending the air space of Bsltic states in NATO-action. And our planes are shooting in Iraq and Syria. Our planes were in Kandahar too. Just shooting and guarding bases. No vet victims Our victims are always 'bad enemies'. Nameless of course.
      No vet victims, just firing and patrolling.
      No heroes thus to remember. Easy.

  • on 23rd June is our national day. it's about our Grand-Duke's birthday but it hasn't much to do with that anymore.

  • Guys don't commemorate it but the day feminism took over is celebrated and replaced July 4th

  • The end of World War 1 and World War 2... 4 and 5 years of hungry people and millions killed, afraid or mistreated in all possible ways :-(
    Who did Lebanon fight its civil war against? I guess your present neighbors like Syria and Israel are more recent than those times?

  • Mardi gras. Nuff said

  • Memorial Day
    Veterans Day
    4th of July
    June 6th

    Those are some of the very important days I commemorate.


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  • ANZAC day
    Australia Day
    Ash Wednesday
    Melbourne Cup

    they're some of the more well known ones aside from the obvious Christmas, Easter and all that.

  • The Revolutions of 2011.
    14 January 2011, the moment we kicked out our Dictator who has been in power for 23 years and who installed fear and terror and censorship in the country.
    I find it important because I'm a very big advocate of democracy and although I was fairly young (12-15) when I started realizing how messed up our president was, I knew that when you had to fear for your life for criticizing any small thing related to the president and his family, it wasn't right.

  • Indépendance Day is pretty important here.