Best ways to learn construction details?

How can I learn construction details the best. There is a bunch of them... From floor details to roof details + knowing where to place screens etc on the construction...

If anybody have tips please let me know! :)


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  • I assume you mean actually doing the construction, not the design like an architect would do.

    Mostly you learn from doing it. There are some schools and books on it, but they are very limited. It's the kind of thing you have to do hands-on to really learn it.

    The best thing is to do remodeling work because you get involved in a lot of different aspects of construction. In new construction you normally only work in one specialized area, so you don't learn the other trades as well. However in the rare cases when one person is involved in all phases of new construction, that would be the best of all.

    Much of construction work is common sense, assuming you are relatively handy to start with. It's something that a person with no experience can do *IF* they take their time to study things ahead of time, think things through very well, and are very organized and systematic.

    Another thing that helps is to spend lots of time at home improvement stores. Spend lots of time walking through various kinds of stores that sell construction supplies. For example hardware stores, plumbing supplies, kitchen and bathroom supplies, lumber, etc. Just seeing all the variety of things available will allow you to think of things that you might otherwise never think of. You also have a chance to see things and try to figure out what they are, and what the differences are between similar things.

    And of course, talk to people and ask questions. Even professionals do that constantly. Nobody can be an expert in all areas of construction, so talking to specialists in other fields is always part of doing construction.


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  • This link will give you all you need to know:

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  • what do you mean by details? How to read blueprints?

    • It's for an examination and we need to draw construciton details, like for the floor etc... I have courses with many construction details on paper and I have to learn them so I know how the construction layerings correctly and where you put the foil etc..

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