Are you ever happy with your work?

I am not a perfectionist but I am never happy with anything I produce or pursue. If I write something I think it is terrible and destroy it sometimes even 30~40 thousand words in. If I begin learning a language I think I'm wasting my time and stop or that I am not learning it fast enough and stop even though there is no hurry. When I draw no matter how well I am doing I pretty much kill it halfway through scribbling it out. I am just never happy with what I produce.

The most frustrating part is actually the starting over repeatedly. It is like a child knocking down his sand castle then rebuilding it with a slightly different design then knocking it down again and doing it over and over but to no avail. It's the one aspect of myself I honestly cannot stand because it wastes so much time.

Anyone else do that?

To be fair I am not looking for advice, just confirmation, and expressing a current frustration because my imaginary therapist I cannot afford said it was a good idea.

  • No, you are alone
  • No, no one likes you
  • No, you have no friends
  • No, that is stupid
  • No, you're a fool
  • No, you will never achieve anything in life
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What Girls Said 1

  • I'm happy with the work that I design for myself. If I make a video entirely revolved around my creative ideas, I will like it a lot. (But I'll watch it a couple months later and hate it, because by then my editing has improved more.)
    If it's a school assignment such as an essay, I have a really hard time writing it, because the teacher chooses the topic and length. I always worry it won't be good enough.

    When it comes to editing, that's something I have complete control over. I can control what it looks like and what the scenes are. I am happy creating the things that didn't come from others or won't be given a grade.


What Guys Said 1

  • Having learnt 6 languages on my own, I can guarantee you that patience and consistency are paramount.
    I think it's actually a normal thing. For instance, I dabble in classical singing and I sometimes perform with an aria and people tell me it was wonderful and I think to myself "man, my voice is f****g hideous!" Then I talk to a vocal instructor and she says this is all natural, just keep doing what you're doing, don't change anything, because it really is amazing.

    So, keep doing what you're doing. Even if you feel like you 've made no progress, the process itself is progress.