Do people hate studying taxes?

My goodness this is boring material how the heck does anyone get through this?


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    • As sexist as that joke is..

      why do you say I know nothing of suffering? I am going through all this material aren't I? :P

      But seriously though this is a kind of torture in itself I assure you

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    • Actually I'm a student who is currently taking a mind-numbingly boring 4th year tax course.

      I really hope in the 'real world' accountants do not have to perform work of the same intensity and this is but a mere formality that I need to take this course.

    • Then you know greatly of suffering and I was very wrong.

      In the real world it is far, far worse because unlike books which give you all the information half of your clients won't even know what to give you. If you're corporate it is a bit easier though.

  • Yeah, it absolutely sucks.


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  • Bribery and alcohol. If I get through the page I get a gummy, finishing it all gets me a strong drink and some trashy tv. Good luck :/