Anyone else play dark souls? Do you have any tips for beating quelaag without being human?

I did it!


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  • Quelaag is a strafing boss, just take your time and roll the right I think. It might be left, but most of her sword swings are one direction. Stay on the outside of the arena if you're going to strafe presuming your weapon has lower damage or your magic stat isn't that high.

    • What does strafe mean?

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    • Alright I'll keep trying

    • You'll get her eventually.

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  • If I remember this right, it's the spider-woman thing in some plague town that kills your frame rate. She spits fire all around her, the best way to beat her is deal lots of damage quickly and stay close to her.

    • Well I can't seem to do much damage and she keeps jumping away

    • Wait until you get to Bed of Bullshit, the most bullshit boss battle in the entire game :)
      At any rate, practice. Also, take a look at the speedrunners' games, they are very good at killing bosses :)

    • Ok, my boyfriend wants me to try and beat the game and I just really suck lol

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  • Nope, I've heard of the game but haven't played it.