Do people think they're smart just because they have good grades?

Sometimes I feel like they just believe they're smart because they got an A.

Irregardless of whether they understand that there are other people who are also capable but are lazy, (I am not lazy but I'm smart enough to know there are other kids who 'can do it' if they tried)


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  • Here's a pointer: "Irregardless" isn't a proper word. The prefix "ir" is a negative, which if added to "regardless" results in a double negative. That means if you say "irregardless" you're actually saying the opposite of what you think you're saying.


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  • Yes, they do think they're smart because of their grades.
    No, it doesn't mean it's true.
    Yes, it can be true though.


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  • Well, they are smart, because that is how you get an A. It is just not necessarily the same "type" of smart you're referring to. Conceptual understanding is not mandatory for most things.

    • Hmm

      I got As in school but I don't really believe that the other kids who didn't were too stupid to get As. I feel like they didn't put ANY effort in at all.

      Like I'd come to class and there would be people who didn't even bother reading the material and then they'd get a B- on the exam. Like obviously they're going to do badly if they don't try it never fails to surprise me how they think otherwise.

      *Shakes head*

    • Well, I don't think many people are "too stupid" per se and there is a lot that goes into the matter. It is hard to say though that people who get A's aren't smart specifically because effort is a symptom of smartness; trying hard alone won't get you too far if you don't understand and understanding alone won't get you too far without the effort to communicate it to others.

  • I got good grades and I'm smart so yeah lol

    • Well I got good grades too but it made me believe I am sooo much smarter than everyone else.

      I realize now that's not true. I mean yeah I was smarter than the average person but there are a lot of capable people in the world

    • Honestly, you'll notice in the corporate world there is a damn strong correlation between previous academic performance and quality of technical work on the job in a white collar profession.

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