Fellow gagers, spill your secrets? Is there anything embarressing or strange that you do?

Im not afraid to say it... my embarrassing secret is that i frequently dance around my room and record it to re-watch later; the weird part is that I'm sometimes naked when I do this. So I've told you mine now I want to hear yours (purely out of curiousity ) and you can go ananomous if you want, I just want to hear your answers.


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  • I speak to myself when I solve something like sudoku and the conversation goes something like:

    "3 here 6 there, no you idiot, there's already a 6 on that line. Fine, put the 3 here, does a 6 there contradict anything in this row? No? Column? Possible. Why are you so dumb, this is easy! I don't know, you solve it, then, if you're so good!"

    and so on.. :D

  • I spill elmers glue on my hands and wait till it dries then I pill it off

  • I give myself wedgies from the clothes rack in my closet and jerk off while I hang there. What of it? I don't care if I'm weird!


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