Do you think it would be cowardly for parents to call the police on their child with a mental illness who was acting out?

When my Schizophrenic cousin had a psychotic episode I didn't call the police even when he attacked me with a knife.

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  • If they are endangering themselves or others they need help. The proper thing is to call the police for help or take them to the hospital if parent can do so safely.

    Either way it's a sad situation.

    • Why can't the parents grow a pair (ovaries or balls) and take matters into their own hands. When my cousin had an episode and attacked me with a knife I didn't call the police I disarmed him and beat him until he couldn't walk.

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    • You dint solve it...

      You put the issue off untill another day when it happens again. Medical issues just don't stop, epically mental illness,

    • Well, how can it ever be "solved" if people live with mental illnesses their whole life?

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  • It's smart, not cowardly. If they're a danger to themselves and others then they shouldn't be at home anyway, they should be getting the help they obviously need.

    • Or the parents could take matters into their own hands like I did with my cousin.

    • Right. Because that's the right way to do it just because your pride was too big to do the smart thing. Okay.

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