Why would guys do this?

There's this girl in my high school who is unpopular, has no friends, doesn't socialize and seems pretty boring like she almost never talks in class and I rarely see her talk with people around her she just sits there usually and walks alone almost all the time at school.
Whats weird is one time On the first day of class one of the hottest guys in my year sat down next to her in math even though he knew other people in that class so I don't know why he didn't sit with friends or girls he actually knew instead of her? And occasionally I see popular and good looking boys as well as unpopular and average looking boys look at her or notice her in class even though she's like one of the quietest people. Why would they do that?

  • They want to be her friend
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  • They think she's hot
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Why wouldn't/shouldn't they try to converse with her? They could think she's pretty. They could think she is nice. They could have found out some of her interests and they happen to share them, so they'd like to get to know her. They could see that she is alone and have empathy towards her.

    Are you her or are you just a mean, bitter observer?


Most Helpful Girl

  • They just want to be her friend. Is that so wrong? Is there something wrong with quiet, withdrawn people that screams, "stay away"?
    Quiet girls are generally perceived as nice, reserved, or respectful. They don't flirt and they don't do everything they can to be popular. They don't CARE about popularity. They aren't FAKE. They're REAL!

    I'm the type of girl you described. A boy actually reached out to me at the beginning of the year and emailed me. We started talking a lot and now we're friends. I think the problem you have here is jealousy. You probably try so hard to be the best, yet you see someone that doesn't try at all getting attention.
    It has nothing to do with the person. Guys just have different preferences.

    • 1. Not all quiet girls are nice if anything they seem rude but some are nice they're just shy
      2. I don't try to get attention and I'm definitely not jealous I have lots of guys that like me and I have a lot more friends than her. Why would I be jealous?

    • I'm not sure. It just seemed like you were

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What Guys Said 3

  • Because decent girls are far more attractive than bitches that want to be popular.

  • When it comes to girls, looks matter more than anything

    • She's awkward though and there are prettier girls than her who are also popular?

    • Popularity doesn't mean anything. And awkwardness is very cute and relatable

  • Probably all of the above, but why shouldn't they sit with her or like her. Seems like you might be jelly of her.

    • She's like a loner and they're not?

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    • and how exactly is it that you make friends? stop being immature and thinking there is a social hierarchy.

    • @Fusionpredz this is the problem. This status thing.

What Girls Said 3

  • I accidentally selected the second option but meant to select the third option and my feed moved. They probably think she's hot. Who says shy girls can't be hot?

  • This is a silly question really, it could be various things, from feeling sorry for her to thinking she's cute.

  • I think she's pretty thats why theyre all like that to her. I was that girl in high school XD

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