When trust is rebuilt (regained) is it ever close to the way it was?

This is just a general question that has me wondering about trust.

Even if it has already been rebuilt and the person whether it's a partner, friend, co-worker, etc. forgave you (still wants you), is it ever close to the way it was?

Initially it started with 100% trust. Does it ever return to 100%, get close to it or not even close? Does that mean that you always have to keep one eye open?

  • It can reach close to 100% again, the bonds can get better but never full 100%
  • You would probably only trust them 70% or less, it'll never reach close to 100%
  • It can go back to the same way (100%) it was before trust was broken
  • Other
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  • It rarely gets back to 100% and it never starts at 100%. Trust is earned...