What does dreaming about helping someone untie a knot mean?

Okay, so last night I had a dream of the guy I like having his shoes in a bag, and the bag was knotted and he couldn't untie it. I then took the bag and untied it for him. But the whole dream was of him not being able to untie the bag, but then I got it untied.


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  • When we sleep our brains process what we learned the day before and problem solve. When cramming I always took 2-3 hour naps then studied some more.

    • That doesn't help at all. Very irrelevant.

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    • But that's not answering my question. You are telling me about how your brain processes things that you've learned the day before. But I don't care about that. I'm asking you one thing and you're answering me with another. Don't answer questions that you can't answer properly.

    • I'm also not asking you about how to study.

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