Does how many matches you get on tinder reflect on how you look?

I've been using tinder for a few months, and I tend to like every person that pops up to try and get an idea on how attractive I am. From what I can tell, I must be pretty ugly even though I've heard otherwise from people in person, and online. Could it be that I have a boring profile, or the fact I'm not in the 8/10 range (which is supposedly a tinder must)? It's kinda frustrating since I have low self esteem already, and just want to know if it's much of a reflection on my personal appearance. I'm not going to post the pictures since I've already shown a couple to people on this sight and gotten positive responses. Thanks.


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  • dating sites/apps are bad for men in general. You're playing on womens turf when you decide to go on these things. Its better to approach women in real life where there's almost no competition... since hardly any guys have the balls/desire to do this anymore