KARMA BOSS STORIES? please share?

Hey, I dont really believe in karma because I am in belief in God, and you will have to answer to him.

But do you guys have stories of coworkers who made your life miserable or were evil or a boss who gave you hell... and they got their just desserts?


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  • Karma is in the Bible just not worded as such. "You shall reap what you sow" "vengeance is mine" are the biblical karma

    • Im Muslim but we do have that as well. Thanks :D

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  • I worked at Taco Bell for a while. Worst job ever. My one boss legit sexually harassed me and the other two were just mean nasty people.

    They had a bunch of people quit all at once cuz they were so hard on them. They fired one because he left when his wife went into labor.

    They also made the big mistake of telling me they had basically no one left for night shift and if I left they'd be screwed. I was like.. fuck this shit and quit without notice. All 3 were gone within months

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