How can I help my boyfriend?

I don't know what should I do. My boyfriend is 21 years old studying at university but he is poor and he says he can't continue his education. He is looking for a job now but can't find any. How can I help him? How to motivate him to work?


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  • Well doesn't seem like no motivation needed

    "He is poor and he is looking for a job" What he needs are doors, opportunities, outlets. You can help him bu keeping an ear and eye open for vacancies. Ask your mom, dad. siblings, friends who work , if they have any vacancies or may know of someone who does. Also, always check the newspapers and websites for job opportunities and pray.

  • Keep telling him that he will find a job and that there's a reason it didn't work out now. All you can do really is be all ears and to make sure he knows he is loved and cherished by you regardless of life's troubles. Tell him you love him and are proud of him and that you know he'll make it through and together with you there's nothing that is impossible.