I think my cat is looking for my other cat (we had to put him down) :(?

For the past few weeks, he wasn't able to go to the bathroom and he kept straining. So we took him to the vet and asked the vet we always go to, what we could do. He put him on a pain killer, and that worked for a little bit. And then the vet wanted to put him on Xanax, and he did alright with that too. But then he went back to having trouble, so he put him on both and it stopped working.

So on June 7th my mom took him to the vet before she went into work, to see if he needed to be put down, and I took my grandma to see what had to be done. Well, the vet said that he had crystals in his bladder, and would need surgery or to be put down. We don't have much money, so we couldn't have the surgery done. He wasn't old, but he was getting to be a little older and probably wouldn't have done well with the surgery. He was 10. There was also the possibility of it coming back I'm sure, and the vet said that it was better to put him down. We didn't want to see him hurting, so we had to do it. It was a hard decision to put him down, but we can't just let him suffer.

It's about a week later and I think my other cat (she's about 2, we don't know for sure, we rescued her as a kitten) is starting to look around the house. My mom said something about it, and I've been watching her and sometimes she'll look around in weird places or smell around. I'm worried that she is grieving, and don't know what to do for her. She was fine the first few days, but maybe now she's starting to realize he isn't there. I'm worried that she's going to become depressed because she can't find him. We're going to get another cat, but we need to save up a little money for one from my local pet shelter. Because she needs a new friend. She's a playful cat, and I think she needs a new friend to play with.

Do you think that's the better option? Also, have any of you gone through anything like this, and what did you do to help your other cat / dog / other animal?


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  • It is normal for your pet to search for its companion or friend after he or she has passed away. If you can afford another cat, then it may not hurt to get one, but make sure the two get along. If you cannot buy one at this time, then that is okay, too. Just make sure your cat still gets attention and play time to keep her occupied while she adjusts to not having him around anymore.


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  • He probably is. People forget that animals have feelings too my dog was depressed after our other dog passed away, but t won't last dont worry
    Just hangout with your cat and gove it lots of treats :D
    Get another one if you want to im sure thatll make things better to have a new cat froend to run around with

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