I'm scared I won't do well in Grade 12 ?

Till this year, I've always done well in school. My marks in everything (except math and english) would be in the low 90s/high 80s. Come junior year, many things happened; 1) I moved so I ended up switching schools 2) I went from a public school to a catholic school ( because of distance) 3) grade 11 itself is a big jump, the hardest year too.
My marks are crap and im scared because it only gets harder next year. My marks this year are:

80 in math
(which im proud of cause I've always gotten an 84 and grade 11 uni math is hard as hell and i had a teacher that went word for word by the curriculum so it was even harder)
98 in religion but like my teacher liked me and it was easy
94 in guitar (really easy)
85 in physics (easy cause i had a not so picky teacher but really good teacher too)

I'm in second sem. right now so it's not over, but as of right now, I have :

86 in chem ( I was at a 93 .. then the math came in)
91 in french (really chill teacher and he likes me)
82 in English ( i had a 90 but then this other teacher came in and she is awful. Only helps certain people, she never tells us what she's looking for even when we ask. All 3 of her classes complained (literally everyone) but the school didn't do ****.)
93 in bio ( amazing teacher, goes over everything in detail, connects lessons)
I'm scared im not gonna make it to my dream uni :( that i'm not smart enough. It sucks cause i understand everything and can probably teach it but I make the stupidest mistakes. It sucks big time because my marks don't define my understanding or my ability to apply what I know.

I'm so scared I won't make it to the universities I want to apply to. :(


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  • Just breathe and calm down. You just have to slow down and don't put too much pressure on yourself. You will end up making more mistakes if you do. If you get stuck somewhere, ask for help


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  • I'm sure you can ask your teachers for additional help if needed and the school should offer some sort of extra help or tutoring. Otherwise I don't think your grades are bad.

    • Unfortunately there is no tutoring :/ and I have tried getting help from this English teacher.. but she won't give it to me. It's really annoying. Ever since she came in, I haven't gotten anything higher than a 90 when with my previous teachers from the grades before (and the one that was supposed to be my actual English teacher this year) I would get somewhere between an 84-88 :( This just ruins any chance I had of early acceptance.

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    • I do, im trying to have them edit my work more often to see if that'll help somehow. Hopefully it does. It's just super frustrating. Like I put in hours of work, end up with a 70 :/.

    • I certainly hope so! If you feel comfortable with this you could always ask your parents for assistance as well, I used to do that with my dad and math. And since he knows how I am then he could teach me and help me learn in a way he knew it would help me understand and have it stick in my head so I remembered it.