How much does a used car (2013) with 30K miles depreciate from the dealer?

How much does a $16K loan from the dealership depreciate after 6 months? What about a year?


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  • if you wanna know the rate of depreciation, it's fairly simple. it's (retail price-salvage cost)/(years). That's straight line depreciation. But it also depends on the car, model and what year it's on, too. It helps to know the since you're paying retail price, you are paying at a premium since they're selling to make a profit (from wholesale). So you'd have to know their margins to find it's value. A general role of thumb is that a car loses about 80-85% of it's value in it's life. 20% the 1st year

    • Even from a used car?

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    • Yup, I see. KBB prices it at $12,000. That's a $4,000 difference.

    • No, not cool. Why would anyone ever by from a dealer and how can the price between be so great?

  • Google the blue book value

    • Yeah I see it. Is that really indicative? Why would anyone ever buy from a dealer because there's always a premium?

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    • Is it higher? Did you account for your intrist rate and other fees?

    • The KBB is $12K. The loan is $16K. Which means it's $4K difference. If I add fees, tax, that's $1.5K. The total payback on the loan is $19K over 7 years. $19K for a $12K vehicle.

  • oh about a million $$$