Bugs... Um... Help?

So, I think I've established that I have a phobia of roaches. I seize up whenever I see one, no matter how tiny, and I always feel as though they are crawling on me even after I kill the ones I see (when I say that I kill it, I mean someone in my family does... I can never get that close). The thought of one touching me makes me want to die.

Today in my bathroom, for the first time, I saw what I thought was a roach. This was the second occurance in 15 years, the first being when my family accidentally brought a roach with us when coming back from Florida (it hid in our suitcase but we took care of that, no infestation afterwards). It crawled horribly fast and could fly a bit (it sort flew a few inches in the air when I sprayed it with a bottle to kill it) and had antennae. I couldn't tell if it was a roach, but now I'm horrified. I want to call an exterminator and have them take care to prevent any possible infestation, but my dad just thinks I'm overreacting and thinks my phobia is utterly ridiculous. For the record, I used to live in Florida (for part of the year anyway) and roaches were common down there... I once got out of the shower and grabbed a towel, only for a roach (hidden in the towel) to wind up on my pinkie. Pretty sure that scarred me for life.

One: am I overreacting by wanting an exterminator ASAP?
Two: is this actually a phobia or am I just afraid of bugs?
Three: the bug was very light brown and didn't look like most roaches. I've NEVER had one just pop up in my house before, and I don't know how it got there. I'd just showered a few hours earlier, and the bathroom gets really moist from hot water and closed room (despite vent being on) but again, I've done this for YEARS and no roaches... Point is, was it a roach? Or was it just a random bug?

Ugh, I can't... Any help... please?


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  • Did you really just write an essay on bugs OP?

  • It may be early signs of your house needing to be fumigated. If the number of bugs increase over time, you should either fumigate your house or call an exterminator.


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  • 1. I don't think so. No one wants roaches in their house. I think your dad is just afraid of you spending money that you might not even need to spend because there may not even be a problem.
    2. Well two things with this. A. There's a phobia for bugs. B. Even if there was not, phobia means to be afraid of something, so saying you have a phobia and that you are afraid of bugs is the same thing. C. As a bonus one, there's phobias for a lot of things, including a phobia for the fear that somewhere, somehow a duck is watching you. (Anatidaephobia).
    3. I cannot help you there. I don't know.