You guys. How do I get female followers that are older?

All of my female followers are teens to 20. Is it because I'm fairly young myself m? Should I change how I express to be more mature? It would be nice to get some older women 25+ to 40s. I like mature women you guys.. Wink wink 😉😉.. Oh look at that a little bit of kiss there too 😚😚😚😚 muah..


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  • Well, yes, simply from what you seem to be looking for... you do sound pretty young :p

    • I mean it would be just nice to have older followers.. It would make me think I'm not a teen guy anymore. A young adult. Do you know what I mean?

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    • Okay but you see my problem with that is, I don't want to get too serious here on GAG. Being serious and touching touchy subjects can get you a lot of heat. People would block you for disagreeing etc so I leave that out.

    • Yup, but the grownups don't :p

      It's one thing to get into fights and another to discuss difficult subjects. A lot of adults here behave like children as soon as we hit the issues that matter. So don't insult, don't speak out of anger, and patiently try to get your point across.

      Or, if that's too bothersome, give up on the adult followers :p

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  • Go on to this site called Tinder.

    • Nah they'd just take my virginity. Treat me like a mop, and I'm not even a mop head. Yknow how people are on tinda

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