Pregnant with my ex?

I recently broke up with my boyfriend but I'm over a week late and think it's a possibility that I'm pregnant. I arranged to meet him and tell him but it didn't go to plan, I bottled it the words just wouldn't come out my mouth. So I ended up texting him once I was back home. I know I should have told him in person but he's totally over reacted and is really angry with me. He was demanding he was going to come round to my house right now and make me take a test! It's almost midnight. He says he's going to pick me up straight after work tomorrow so I can take
one. But his reaction has made me scared to take it with him, I'm scared of what he might do. Would it be wrong of me to take the test on my own?


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  • If you are scared of what he might do, I would say it isn't wrong to take it without him. It could just be stress making you late, but he could still come pick you up and try to get you to take one because he wants to see it for himself. Also, it's possible to get false negatives or positives, so make sure you go to your doctor or the clinic and gather a test when you can.