Why do people assume others all the time?

I've a roommate who has a pet. Initially she asked me to feed the pet since she was away, I said yes I can do that. Now she has started going out on vacations frequently and she assumes that I'll feed the pet. Like there's not even decency in this world to own your things and not assume getting stuff done from others?


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  • She assumes you will do it since you did it before for her. But true she should ask you each time if it's ok or even give you money as a show of thanks or even a gift. When you make something a habit then people expect you to keep doing the same thing for them.

    • yeah, so for first time when she had asked for favor she said thanks and sorry that she was depending on me. For the sake of formality I said no problem. But now she's on top of my head!! I just don't understand why don't people have a decency of respecting other.

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    • I'm gonna tell that to her face. -
      "It's not my responsibility to take care of your pet."

    • That is good. Yes tell her to her to her face.

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