Ex has left me at 32 weeks pregnant?

hi all
i am just going to tell u what my situation is and the reason i am asking this question well to start off me and the baby's father had been together for 3 years and everything was going great we were in love and happy but that all changed when i found out i was pregnant and just so i am clear i was super happy about being pregnant but scared as it was unplanned and i really though my boyfriend would be happy and he was so i had a great pregnancy until about 2 weeks ago when out of nowhere he just up and left me saying he was not ready to be a father

so what i am asking is do i have to still involve him in the pregnancy or can i just cut him out until after the baby is born as i don't think i can handle seeing him and i don't think i can handle him being at the birth if he asked to be here i don't know what to do


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  • Dude, he made his bed so he's gotta lay in it. He made his decision... a selfish one at that. Ur delivery should be as stress-free as possible. U and and the baby are what's most important. He doesn't deserve to witness the birth of a child that he seemingly doesn't want. Witnessing a birth is a priviledge, not a right. Fyi, I have a 7yr old son. Altho I should've asked first, r u in contact with him at all... and also have u talked to him about why he made his decision so hastily? If the answers are no, then leave him out and have a happy and safe delivery.

    • yes i am in-contact with him as he dose check in every now and them but only very rarely but i just do not know why he just left i really though we were going to be a family as that is all i ever wanted was i have a happy family with him

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    • You're very welcome. Well I'm glad he's calling more, perhaps he coming around. Time will tell my dear. If he wants to come to the scan, let him. He'll get to see what you and HIM created, hopefully that will help with the bonding. Good luck

    • sorry for not giving an update but he did come to the scan and things seem to be looking up as he says he is starting to like the idea of being a dad

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  • He cut you out you can do the same.


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  • No, you can't cut him out unless he voluntarily gives up his parental rights, which is done through the legal system. Otherwise he can demand to see the child whenever he wants, but he's also responsible for child support.

    • i know i cannot just cut him out of his child's life i mean can i cut him out of the pregnancy and birth as i do not think i can handle seeing him right now

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    • I said if he WANTS to know, you are obligated to tell him, and should you not and he takes you to court it won't work in your favour. And if the lawyer you saw isn't informing you of that and the consequences, they are not giving you good advice.

    • he can ask i do not have to legally tell him as it is my private medical information which is protected under HIPAA laws meaning he has no right legally to know anything to do with my care or treatment by law and as the baby is inside me he has no right to know anything including where i pick to give birth and no court in the world will hold that against me as i have a right to privacy

  • Why didn't you use protection or any kind of such stuff and let him get you pregnant?

    That was a pretty immature and hurtful move on your exes part. Be strong for yourself and your baby. Your baby needs you more than anyone in this world ever will. Focus on preparing for baby's arrival and keeping yourself healthy. Do you have family close by that you could go live with?

    That's what I would do if I had the option. If not look into some programs that help expectant mothers, young families, and single moms.

    Things will get easier if you have support. Know that everything happens for a reason and although it may be hard now, things will get better. Keep your head up and I hope you feel better Anonymous.

    Wishing you the best of luck.

    • thank u for the reply and yes we did use protection but it failed and i have my mom and dad plus my sisters to support me if needed and i am thinking of moving back in with my parents until i can find somewhere to live that i can afford on my own