Anyone else pig out after a heart break or break up?

I was doing so well on my diet... A whole month in and I just let it go bc I was hurt by some guy who isn't even thinking about me. Over my diet calories, I ate half a pint of Ben and jerrys ice cream, 3 cheesy bread slices from papa Morphys, half a family sized bag of lays chips, and a cream filled chocolate donut from the gas station.. O and a bottled smoothie. I am so uncomfortable and feel disgusting. :( i rarely do this, but when I do I go all out and it's always bc of a boy

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  • I assume this was just a one day binge? If so then the results won't be that bad. Just continue your diet. It's a building thing. Results will not be had after eating well just one day or eating bad just one day. It'll be fine.

    I try to improve myself after something like this.


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  • I think it's more of a woman thing.


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  • No , I tend to lose my appetite and find it difficult to eat when I feel heartbroken.

    Some people emotional eat when they feel heartbroken. They do it to suppress negative emotions. They find it difficult to gain self-control over their emotions so find comfort in food.