Do you think that Earth is a prison planet?

There are so many conspiracy theories about the world but one would be that Earth is a prison planet where our souls are trapped, we are just slaves to society and all the evil souls get put here. Also, some people believe that Earth is like a school and we're constantly learning but we keep reincarnating here until we've learnt enough and can move on. What do you think?

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  • 1. What is a "prison planet"? A world enforced to keep you from doing WHAT according to who?
    2. Slaves to society? I take it you live in a big city and aren't self-sustainable. It is common to live in symbiosis with other people in cities, and they expect favors from you in return for the small things they do for you.
    3. If we are stuck in "Earth School" until we have learned something that Death think is enough to move on, why are we not just simply given the answer? I can go on and on about multiple world views and knowledge but neither is correct unfortunately. When you learn new things, it's a way of remembering your own thoughts and experiences. They can sometimes be wrong or accurate, but never correct.


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