Isn't life just peachy?

Well, this has been a shitty week.

I swam like crap over the weekend, and today I got my US History SAT Subject Test back. Wow, I fucked it up terribly. I ended it thinking "I got an 800" and you know, that was reasonable. No no no no. Of course I didn't get an 800, because when does anything ever go my way? I got a fucking 720.



I did shit on it. I thought I did well on the APUSH test, so I probably got a 2 or 3 on that, and I didn't think I did very well on the Bio SAT Subject Test, so I probably got a 400 on that. You know, it wouldn't be out of character for me to get in a car crash. At least it would save me from having to watch all of my scores come in and then be just as shitty as all of my other scores.

Wanna know the icing on the cake? I'm in a gifted program. "You're smarter than average!" Well clearly not. I'm fucking disgust. I'm worthless. If any college wants me, it's going to be the community college 20 minutes from my home.

so, how was your week?

After getting over what I would consider a complete breakdown while stuck in a car with four unsympathetic family members, I have realized 720 is not that terrible of a score
Follow-up question, is 720 a good score?


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  • I'm at a community College its a good option, do your first two years there as you get the same education for a fraction of the price,
    you got anything to add

    • I also didn't do too hot on the math portion of the SATS
      Do two years at a community college then transfer

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    • Yeah I guess

    • Just relax, it'll be fine

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  • My mom slapped me in the face this morning.

    • Well I feel ya. I have zero self control so the last time my mom slapped me I slapped her back, hard.

      That didn't end well

    • It was for a stupid reason... I tried to get my point across in an argument.
      I tell my parents everyday that I am moving out after high school... and I am serious.

    • I'm moving out as well

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  • "I'm fucking disgust."

    Best thing I've read all morning.

    • I love how adding "ed" would have made that much less sexual 😂 sorry, funny typo

    • The rule of life is, "If you can still laugh, you're fine."

    • I'm feeling a lot better now, an egg and cheese croissant and half a bagel with cream cheese later. Food makes everything better

  • my week was also kinda fucked up


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