How do you feel about deliberately making a person you care about angry in order to test their reaction?

Why do some people do that? How would you feel if someone did this to you? Would it affect the bond that you have with him/her?

Just asking out of curiosity and thanks for your honest answers :- )


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  • It's the dumbest thing in the world. In real honest relationships, you don't have to go through "TESTS". I absolutely hate it. People do it because they have a wrong impression of what love or care should be like, so they put their partners through tests and then get upset if they don't react the way they WANT them to react. It's a poor communication tactic. If anyone did this to me I would immediately get turned off by them and it would absolutely affect our bond. I would think they were immature and insecure and likely not associate with them as much until they got their shit together.

    • It really upsets me when people do this too 😢Playing mind games like this causes misunderstandings and is putting the bond at a risk. It is sad that people need to resort to this to see whether a person is worth investing in :(

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    • thank you for MH!

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  • I think I've done this before haha. It's a good way to judge a person's character before you invest in them.

  • I think that is playing games...