I had tears when I was watching this movie?

‘The Lovely Bones’. I’m 26. I’ve never been like that before. Though I’ve been depressed since quite a while now; is it changing the way I feel; like, having tears by watching a movie?


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  • I read the book, it was quite heavy at the beginning. I don't usually go for modern best sellers but this was a very good read.

    There's nothing wrong with crying to a sad movie, it just shows you have a strong feeling of empathy... but don't let it get you down for too long.


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  • I teared up reading the book. Never watched the movie.

  • How about "Cashelmara" by Susan Howatch? Has anyone read it?
    I did, and it think the writer is a genius. It is not a modern novel, but it is not too classic either.

  • Nice I will check this out. I love movies that make you feel something after watching it.

    • You should! "One Day (2011)"

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    • haha, so do i :) don't know why i watched that, it was very slow at the beginning but the end... don't want to spoil

    • Hopefully I have time to watch it tohnight. Thank you <3

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