Transferring cd's from a Slim laptop onto phone or usb stick?

I have a slim laptop nothing too expensive but slimmer than average laptop. This hasn't bothered me until now, but, it has no cd drive or even memory stick slots. Yes I did check before I bought it.

But now, I have loads of music cds that id love to store onto my phone or usb stick.

How can I do this?


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  • it doesn't have a USB slot? you should be able to plug your phone charging chord into a USB slot (which is also where a memory stick goes) and then just transfer directly to the phone or memory stick... if it truly doesn't have a usb port (which would be shocking) you could purchase a small external hard drive

    • Yes it has USB slots just not a cd drive or memorystick slot

    • generally the memory stick is a usb connection (double check yours). but you could connect your phone to the computer and move the music over that way

      otherwise you could purchase an external hard drive (which you can get pretty cheaply these days)

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  • Your laptop must have at least one USB port, and you can easily and cheaply buy an external USB CD/DVD drive for ripping your CDs.

    Many newer "ultrabooks" and Mac laptops lack DVD drives, so I have an external USB drive for working on them. Cost about $25.

  • so the music files are on the laptop? How'd they get there in the first place? If you want to get those files you'd need to use another PC. First upload the files to cloud storage then download them on another PC and transfer them, simple.

    You got this

  • Ask a friend that has a cd drive to do it for you, or borrow his pc. or buy a usb cd drive (pretty useless these days...)

    • Do people not listen to cd's anymore?

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    • Yes I agree & that's why I want to transfer all my cd's (I have a lot) onto another format eg phone or whatever, so I can still listen to them but another way.


      There are other from kingdom, which should take less time to arrive to you.

      Windows media player can be used to rip the songs (copy and pasting files will not work)

  • External CD drive.
    CD burning software.