Possibly Losing a Pet?

So, I kind of need to get this out of my system and this seemed like the easiest way.

Our family lost a younger cat early this year. And, we had another one that I got when I was 8 years old (I am 29 now) and she is 21.

The last week or so her health has been declining and I've been deciding if at some point she needs to be put down.

It's a tough decision for sure.

For those that lost a pet or if you had a choice would you do a burial (say in the back yard) or cremate your pet?

I guess It's been on my mind because there is a strong possibility she may not make the week or so, or I may have to jump in if she's in pain.

I know I kind of wanted a burial, but it got me thinking she'd be in dirt, the bug would be eating her, I'd have to see her grave plate everytime I go out in the yard.

On the other hand, I can't imagine cremation because I know she's essentially getting burned to a crisp. Plus, there is never any guarantee the ashes are your pets. And, I'd just have her ashes with me.

I guess I've been stressed out, lack of sleep this week and just feel frustrated.


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  • I buried my first pet (a dog) when I was 12 at the base a sapling maple tree. I feel that the life of the dog was returned and recycled into the earth and is now coming out as new life in the tree


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  • Although in some places it's technically not legal to bury pets in your own yard, if you decide on burial, you could always wrap her up in a towel or blanket , place her in a shoebox or copy paper box, thenot wrap that in plastic (maybe a garbage bag) before burial. We've always done that for our pets that have passed, even our goldfish.

  • I decided to cremate my cat (had her for 18 years, it was really hard loosing her..) just because I didn't like the idea of burying her in my backyard and at some point moving houses and "leaving" her behind. So I got her ashes back instead.

    there's no right or wrong here, just do what feels right for you.


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