Who can write the best rant ever who ever gets the most likes I will give my $20 amazon gift card password to?

The rules is that it has to at least me 3 paragraphs long. I am serious I want to give one of them away I like to be generous to people. #gagrantingcontest

It can be random too it doesn't even have to make much sense just be creative :)
You have to write the rant here and the longer the rant the more you will probably increase your chances :)


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  • LOL. when's the deadline?

    • whenever the question closes, gag usually does that automatically

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    • kjenn is legit

    • thank you!! :D :D :D

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  • What is it that I hate? Nothing. What is it that I have noticed. I will tell you.

    Man does not trust his behavior and yet if he cannot trust himself, how can he trust the mistrust of himself? But people will say this is a meaningless question. People will say ofcourse we must hold our self to predictable behavior how else is anything to be accomplished. Yet why must there be effort to accomplish. Why do we take subjective values so seriously. We say surely this moment is horrible because I am in anticipation of what I want. Yet as you get what you want you desire something else. No single instance is more significant the rest. Yet there is emphasis on improvement as if we are progressing towards something. Everyday we deliberate about which actions are permitted. More than ever people are being monitored for their actions and reprimanded for their thoughts. I can only imagine that soon in an effort for peace, every man will have to report to a psychoanalyst, who will record all aberrant thoughts before they consolidate into 'criminal intent'. Records will be kept, given to oversees, the psychoanalyst will have to have psychoanalyst. It'll all be quite absurd.

    We create ideals that represents abstract concepts such as perfection as a result of our linguistic construction. We justify our actions based on how rigorously we adhere to a standard that by definition is impossible to attain. We describe words with words that have no meaning.

    We are worried, depressed, anxious, and driven to accomplish, and yet everything is completed out of its own accord. Time passes and the grass grows. No action is required and yet nothing is left undone.

    The way. The Tao. The thing in itself.
    We are subtle reflections of a force that is entirely passive, entirely spontaneous, and yet we try so hard to BE something, to BE someone.

    But some will say ofcourse. I mean this is a serious endeavor. One has to collect green rectangles and live in house and rear children it's quite a lot to maintain.

    All of this of course is meaningless. We justify it by saying we must go surviving. Why should this be the case? At least we are tubes that put things in one end and drop things out the other, we wiggle, and make some noises. It's all quite bizarre. But let us then take it lightly. Let us then laugh at the absurdity. Let us then be ok with letting go of it all at any given instance.

    This is my rant
    Hope you enjoyed


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  • As a mytake or on here?

  • I have one!!! It's cool you're giving this away by the way.

    My rant is about how many people on here, try to tell other people what to think and say! Or how the world is. They don't realize it's just their pov, and not necessarily even a common one.

    Lots of weird and creepy guys on here call girls sluts or talk about how they'd never date or marry a slut. But then they're perverted, and I've seen some of them make other posts... that are just disgusting. I think, that the truth is they're all just inexperienced guys and just jelly. Because, experienced guys couldn't care less about her history. They know that an experienced woman can be very fun in bed, and they just find inexperience annoying or irrelevant.

    So the hater guys are funny to me, because irl I haven't ever met a guy like that. Why would you want to be her only partner, so she can't compare you? Being unconfident and insulting women isn't sexy at all... it's comes off as sad and creepy if you ask me. Like they can be so self righteous that they don't realize how much saying that stuff can scream that they've never had a girl before lol I mean, they wouldn't say that to their girlfriend irl if they were dating her, so why say it on here?

    No one cares in the real world about the past. If he really loves her he'll do and accept anything. And I think the same is true for women too. People change, or they may even stay the same, but hating on someone you don't even know is just really dumb to me. It makes no sense, and it just sounds so bitter.

    They sound so predatory! Like they can't wait to hurt her or shame her... it's just that they can't. Unless he rapes her, she chose to have sex with him. I guess you could say he could have coerced her, but even that's partially because of her own low self esteem. the bottom line is he can never redefine her as a slut or anything. Because it's silly. He's a person and so is she. You can't redefine someone else, and I don't even see it as offensive totally, just childish and... like I said, experienced guys don't really talk that way. Because they don't have to. So I see it as disingenuous too, because it's not like they can even back it up.

    Sometimes I actually wish that I could F one of those guys or even do anal, just so that they think they got the ultimate. and then I could turn around and laugh, and tell him I'll nvr give a sh! t about him and just used him for pleasure. Because... it'd be true. I'm a girl so I can pick and choose like that lol


    • Lol I actually have met guys like that and in middle estern culture that's normal too like guys who have had sex before still want a female virgin lol

  • I don't know how much of a myTake this is but rather me ranting but I am getting sick of the questions on here asking if someone makes someone seem gay.
    People ask if a particular piece of clothing makes them gay, if a certain tattoo makes them seem gay, if never having had a relationship makes them seem gay, and just recently if liking chocolate makes them seem gay. This makes no sense! Gay means happy or homosexual. We all know you don't mean happy and the only thing that defines a homosexual is someone sexually attracted to the same sex and nothing other than being with someone of the same sex makes you seem like you like people of the same sex.
    Also the whole idea of calling something gay is so ridiculous. An object is not gay, someone's nonsexual feelings cannot be gay, someone cannot be called gay unless they are gay. Just say what you mean, lame stupid, feminine, what be it.
    Lastly, stop with the gay best friend thing. It's just belittling. A best friend that is gay is just the same as having a best friend that is straight except they want to bang the same sex... being gay doesn't put your friendship on a higher pedestal.

  • So, what's the big deal with body shaming? "She's so fat! She needs to stop eating!" "She's too skinny! She needs to eat a Quarter Pounder" "He's too ripped! Why does he hit the gym so much?" What the flying fuck is wrong with you people? Let me make this very clear to you: IT ISN'T YOUR BODY.
    Oh, she's fat? So what? Does her being fat hurt you somehow? Oh, you're worried about her cholesterol? SINCE WHEN IS HER MEDICAL HISTORY YOUR PROBLEM? Oh, that's right. IT ISN'T.
    She's too skinny? That's just not natural? What if it is? Hell, what if it isn't? What if that skinny bitch eats nothing but kale smoothies and uses her treadmill all day? HOW THE FUCK IS HER SKINNINESS YOUR PROBLEM? As long as she can find her size zero blue jeans in the cut she likes, I don't give a flying fuck.
    Oh, he's so ripped! What, does he intimidate you? Does he show you what sheer stubborn will can do for you? GET OVER IT ALREADY.
    Bitch, I am a gorgeous as fuck plus size woman. I wear skinny jeans. I wear corsets. I even wear tops that flash my goodies. Do I give a fuck what anyone thinks of me? No, AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU. YOU HAVE A BODY, DRESS FOR FUCKING YOU AND FLIP THE FUCK OF ANYONE WHO SAYS ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

    *ahem* Thank you.

  • Taco Bell rant!
    Dear humans! Taco Bell is good! Sure, it's not like regular Mexican food, but give it a chance! How can you resist the deliciousness of an enchilada that's down the street that you can get in 5 minutes? Of course, you can get a homemade enchilada but why go through the trouble? Sure, a McDonald may be closer but McDonalds is gross!
    Dear employees of Taco Bell! You do a good job making the food! It's disappointing when I look in the bag and there's not enough sauce packets. When I ask for sauce, I mean a WHOLE handful of sauce packets! Just dump the whole bucket in the bag. In conclusion, don't be shy with the sauce packets! ;)

    In conclusion to this whole thing, I vote Kanye for president!! ✌🏾

    I don't know if this means something, but whatever.

  • I'm too lazy to right 3 paragraphs, and I wouldn't be able to keep my thoughts straight enough to do that too. :P

    • thats what a rant is.. just sort of stemming off your thoughts

    • It doesn't have to be just be funny or creative :P you can even make up your own words like Heeshkabab or smeckldorf it dosen't matter sky is the limit for you ;) I am not the gag police :P

    • The mytake I'm about to make is some what of a rant on something I think is dumb that happens. XD

  • I wrote a rant on vegans. Can I enter that shit lol


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  • Fuck depression. Why the hell has it become a thing in the human species? What genius thought depression would be a key survival trait that evolved into the human race? This shit should not exist at all.

    And those who facilitate depression, fuck you! Women. The ones who display themselves sexually but aren't actively seeking sex. Playing our visual senses and giving mixed signals. Every species respond to such stimuli as a means to have sex, yet in the human race we've created this convoluted mess of a social system that makes us second guess what you women want. Fuck you and your mixed signals. Don't want to get laid? Then stop fucking flirting and stop exploiting men's desires you filthy trashy cunts. Own up to the inner slut that you are for once and just fuck. Your ideals on marriage and monogamy are bullshit and it won't work anyways. So just let loose for once in your lives and embrace that slut you know you are anyways. Also, stop fucking lying about that 'boyfriend' you supposedly have just to make us 'feel better' about being rejected. How about you respect our intelligence by being honest instead you lying sack of shit?

    And men. You people are no less guilty. You fuckers do so much stupid shit that women get antsy when I just want a fucking casual, platonic conversation with them. You send unwanted dick pics (which women you need to learn to embrace the dick like how us guys embrace your bodies anyways!), you don't respect boundaries, and you do legitimately creepy shit! (Which women you need to stop thinking EVERY single action a guy makes is creepy!)

    Society has fucked up the ideas behind relationships and sex. You made it this convoluted mess with mind games, drama, and other nonsensical bullshit. All I as a guy wants to do, is get laid first, potentially develop a longer lasting, yet non-monogamous relationship with, explore other people with my new partner, and live a happy life. Yet you fuckers keep ruining it.

    I envy you asexuals who don't need visual and sexual stimuli. I sincerely do. I loathe the fact that I get aroused by this pathetic species that I have to mate with. If it were up to me, I'd say fuck sex and fuck intimacy. But no. I'm needy. No one desires me, or my honesty. I'm alone, hence my depression. If I could be okay living in isolation all my life I'd be in bliss, but no. I need that human connection, but I can't because everyone is either fucking stupid or manipulative. Good job humanity. You fucked up.

    /end rant

  • I'm fucking disappointed in Elizabeth Warren, don't get me wrong She's a great progressive senator, but why the hell sit on the sidelines during the democratic primary only to sell your soul to the Democratic establishment and endorse the Republican light Hillary Clinton.

    I fucking hate the removal of the dislike button, it make me so angry to see most idiotic response and unable to down vote, if G@G want's to take features away, they can start by taking the closed question feature away, it annoys me soo fucking bad to see a really good only to find out I'm unable to leave an opinion cause it's closed.

    This is so fucking ridiculous, finally start my third and final paragraph, and nothing else to rant about, well I kinda like having nothing else to rant about, gives me the chance to post this adorable meme to help increase my upvote production.

    OK I'm bad at ranting :(.

  • @karahiri gets my vote for best rant!

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  • I hate people who hack rant websites. I'm gonna rekk them.

  • Lmao at these brokeasses

  • Done it already.

    Hope you hate Nirvana and Grunge music. Here check this:


    If in case I win I will say my name here.

    • The rule is you have to write it here :)

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    • @SweetHomicidalQueen Who are they? I like Metal but stuff like Judas Priest, Quiet Riot or Cinderella.

    • PTV and BMTH are really shitty metal that gothic teenagers listen to who say "no one understands me" etc.
      I like metal stuff like judas priest too but also like metallica and disturbed etc.