What are some top "guest service" jobs I could do?

I am an EX-flight attendant who is done with that lifestyle and wanting to stay grounded.
I am trying to find types of jobs that provide high-end customer/guest service.

Not like retail stores or restaurants. But can you think of certain companies that require lots of experience in customer/guest service?


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  • Not many companies have a guest service or hospitality service unless they are also in the service business. The reason is it is not cost efficient to keep an in-house service department. They usually delegate it to the reception department if they want a pretty face or pretty 'administrative assistant' if they have any.

    This means hotels, resorts and restaurants will be primary target.

    High end restaurants required a certain amount of experience and training as well as handling of wine. A lot of of the wait staff hold degrees in culinary or gastronomy. Competition is fierce for tips. A decent table can bring about $300+ a night.

    Hotels are less demanding but a lot of your skills would be wasted unless you also have training in management and PR. The you might get into the guest relations or similar roles.

    Resorts should be similar to hotels.


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  • Look into the moving industry. I worked for Graebel for a long time. They haven't sent their stuff over seas yet. You might get lucky I don't know where you are out of. Otherwise maybe Discover? Their motto and business plan is that you actually talk to people.

  • Escort agencies!

  • Yes call girl escort


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