How to help someone who was abused in the past?

I have a friend who was abused in the past and I just want to know how I can help them...


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  • What kind of abuse

    A) first sympathize with them.
    B) Direct them to a professional marriage/family counselor who can help them process what happened
    C) Go to church with them and learn that God is love, learn and build love, forgiveness of self and others. key thoughts...
    D) make sure they aren't still being violated and direct them away from others who will abuse them... because abused people will be drawn to people like the abuser.

    • The person who abused him is gone from his life and I don't know the degree to which he was abused because he changes the subject.

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    • Thank you for your help!

    • thanks for mho!

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  • You just have to be there for them.
    You have to be the listening ear.
    You have to extend your support by being available when they need to talk.
    You have to hug them when you feel they need the affection.
    They have to go through the process of their emotions, there's nothing more you can do but offer your availability to them.


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  • "Abuse" is a very ambiguous term. There's big difference between someone who wasn't allowed to spend all the money her husband makes buying stupid shit (and yes, it's gotten to the point where this is considered 'abuse'... fuck western society, it needs to burn), and someone who was bullied pretty much every day K-12, falsely accused of a serious crime, falsely accused of fathering a child, generally treated like Shit in relationshits, cheated on by their wife, and ground up by the "Family" court system.

    Could you clarify?

    • He was neglected by his father and physically beaten. There is so much more that he doesn't want to tell me or anyone else...

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    • Okay thank you!

    • You're welcome.

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  • encourage them to go to therapy

    • How would I bring that up? He recently confided in me and said the thing he told me was just a scratch on the surface.

    • you could just ask him what he is doing to cope.

    • Okay thank you!