What is one thing you can't stand about the opposite gender?


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  • there's too much to list so ill give a few
    1) there inability to be turned on visually by a guys body and its parts
    i mean come on, guys get turned on by seeing a girl naked and seeing her female parts, why can't girls be like that with us guys?
    2) there obsessiveness over only confident men as if they think guys are going to be magically confident in himself and a girl, it doesn't work that way especially when all girls wanna do is reject us ether way.
    3) that its too common for girls to be lesbians, guys are never ever good enough
    4) if a girl has a crush she doesn't approach and thinks the guy has to. seriously girls lack or have no interest in guys, so its obviously the girl who decides on who she wants when she wants, guys don't have that luxury of being easily accepted
    5) there inability to understand and have one simple emotion and to have it right away with a guy "LOVE"
    6) their fear or worry about there obviously perfect beautiful bodies, not being perfect
    7) when their uninterested in a committed serious relationship with someone.
    8) how they only go for jerks and players, and not go for a guy who will keep her and treat her right


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  • Not saying what she means or wants

  • "We want equality! Now, treat us special because we're women!" I'm not sure that's the right way to say it, but basically when girls think they're entitled to things for the sole reason of being girls. "Entitlement" in short.

    • Lmao ๐Ÿ˜‚ Women are already equal
      Yeah there is a lot of entitlement with us women.

      Well most but not all.

    • Yeah I didn't mean it like you aren't, it was just the first quote about it, that I thought of. I also suppose that men have a sense of entitlement as well.. now that I think about it. It's not that I can't stand it.. that's a strong word, but it's something I find off putting. ^.^

  • One thing? Awww geez. Can it be like five things? Yes? Nice!

    1) their passivity and then getting mad when I don't know what they want
    2) flaking
    3) expecting me to do all the work when I'm wondering if they're even interested in me
    4) judgmental attitude, gossiping
    5) entitlement to shit they're not entitled to

    • Bro, bro bro. We are sooo the same

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    • @JSmuve
      A million thumbs up on that. At least 1 (the passivity at least), 2, and 5 are pretty easy to spot before spending any considerable length of time with her, but damn, 2 and 3 just grind my gears because I feel like you have to get to know her a bit before you can find out if she's like that.

    • I haven't really experienced 4 tbh but otherwise yes ughhh.

  • "so what are you going to buy for me"

  • Those questions that no matter what your answer is, she's gonna get mad at you.
    "Does this dress look good on me?"
    "Yes": "why are you lying to me? >:( "
    "No": "you don't find me beautiful anymore... jerk! >:( "


    • Have you thought that the correct response might not be "yes" or "no"?

    • @redeyemindtricks well yeah, but I wasn't going to write every possible response xD
      "Yes" implies positive response, "No" implies any negative response.

    • Right -- there are plenty of responses that are neither positive nor negative.
      Tease her for asking in the first place, answer with some sexual innuendo, make a game out of it, etc.

      I mean, look dude, lots of y/n questions aren't really y/n questions at all.
      The most obvious examples are thing like "Can you believe what that fucker did?" I mean, that's *technically* a y/n question, but, imagine how stupid it would be to answer with yes or no. (:
      Same with this kind of stuff.


      On top of that -- If the answer is yes and you're *not* lying, that should be unmistakable. I mean... there's these... things, that guys do when they see a woman they're into, or a woman they love, in a totally bomb outfit. It's like they're having heart palpitations, lol.
      Totally unmistakable.
      So... mb there's some truth to "You're lying" (:

  • Women being too subtle or cryptic all the time and then getting angry when we didn't crack their codes.

  • Passive aggressive nature of females... expecting the guy to mind read and also expecting the guy to do all the work. In addition, girls expect guys to approach them and do all the work then complain about being hit on and are brutally rejective if you r not the right guy. It's a complete guessing game and chance.

    Also, females talking to guys they don't even like merely for attention then to all of a sudden stop talking to them a few days later.

  • When they cry.. grow the fck up and learn how to properly communicate.

  • I don't mind them not being direct about what they want or communicating non-verbally. The one thing I can't stand is that they usually want someone they're close with to provide for them through financial and emotional support (it's an implicit expectation even if they don't say so), while not offering the same thing in return.

    • As a male, just TRY getting close to someone of the opposite gender when YOU need some support. I bet it won't happen.

  • This whole hivemind thinking as if all girls out there are one and the same. Ever seen a group of guys ganging up on you when you disagree? No? Me neither. I have witnessed it with girls more than once though.

  • Women usually look for hidden meanings in things guys say, but for guys hidden meanings are really rare.

    I imagine every woman who reads this thinking, "What does he mean by that?"

  • Feminism.
    Playing mind games instead of being indirect.
    That's pretty much it I think

  • The ones that think I'm a fucking mind reader. I don't know what the fuck your thinking about lol.

  • Grudges.

  • When they complain about having periods

  • when girls act clingy and want me to text them all day, like wtf bitch

  • Hints, its like we adults speak your fuckin mind

  • Indecisiveness

  • Hypocrisy n lies.


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