Lets play a game list 7 things you want to do with or in your life 6true 1 false and we will try to guess which is not true WELL WITCH DO YOU FALSE?

1. I WANT TO LEARN TRICK RIDINGlets play a game list 7 things you want to do with or in your life 6true 1 false and we will try to guess which  is not true WELL WITCH DO YOU FALSE ?
4. I WANT TO BE MARRIED WITH 2 KIDS 5. i want be a veterinarian
6 want a boyfriend that looks like this
7. i want this for a pet


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  • Seriously?

    1. Find Immortality and Invulnerability or some attainable form of apotheosis, such as through technology or science.

    2. Find or develop the ability to Teleport and go wherever desired, including beyond Earth, or deep underground or deep underwater.

    3. Find and develop the ability to automatically learn understand and comprehend pretty much all information that had ever existed, currently exists and yet to exist.

    4. Figure out how to develop and understand new abilities beyond human understanding and possibly defying even description.

    5. Remain incognito and completely perfectly stealthed after acquiring all those abilities.

    6. Go far out beyond Earth and establish my own little corner in the universe where I try to have my own little peace and quiet and figure out what really all of existence and reality really means anything if it ever meant anything at all in the first place.

    7. Find a way to bring everyone that has ever died back from the dead, refreshed, and have one big fucking long chat with everyone that had ever existed and ask them shit tons of questions about what was life and existence really to them from their own perception and perspective. All at the same time while I throw the BIGGEST FUCKING PARTY ever in the Universe, probably on some space station or some other big space ship or distant planet.

    And the last question I have to ask everyone was U MAD BRO? or U MAD SIS? lol


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  • 1.) I want to randomly run around the campus in a horse mask and play guitar/sing for people.
    2.) I want to play a show one day and end it with smashing/sacrificing instruments like an angsty punk band.
    3.) I want to play drums for a metal band
    4.) I want to get married one day.
    5.) I want to go to a fancy restaurant and order the most expensive barbecue pizza I can.
    6.) I want to learn to speak fluent in German.
    7.) I want to go and play guitar with some homeless people near me on the streets.

    Hmm... Is 7 false? Either that or 3, but I'm placing bets on 7.

    • Is 4 false on your list or is it 7 ... yours is difficult to guess

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    • liarrrr
      there is no way you would sing around on campus

    • @CelticElven I meant once I get better at singing! ONE DAY. ONE DAY. I need to gain the confidence 😱

  • 1) I want to take a shower because I'm icky.
    2) I want to see an aurora borealis
    3) I want to see a volcano erupt
    4) I want to take a raft trip through the Grand Canyon
    5) I want to sky dive
    6) I want to scuba dive
    7) I want to hitch hike across the continent

    Guessing #3 for the OP

  • Lol @vishna sounds like you:)

    1. I want to save lives in a volunteer organization in syria
    2. I want to have my body back to normal so i don't keep getting injured
    3. I want the right girl for me, preferably driven and blonde
    4. I want two kids (god save me if i have a daughter)
    5. I want my family to be happy all together
    6. I want to ride a Harley Davidson
    7. I would like to work as an aerospace engineer

  • 1. I want a girlfriend who looks like Nicole Aniston.
    2. I want to be rich and not have to work for a living.
    3. I want Trump to be President because I voted for him.
    4. I want loads of kids.
    5. I want to end up being a politician in my late 40s.
    6. I want to go to a karate lesson and beat the shit out of the instructor so all the students know how useless it is.
    7. I want to get aids.

  • 4 is false? You want a football team :P

    1. I wanna try eating cooked insects that are considered delicacies.
    2. I want to jump off from a very high cliff just for the adrenaline rush.
    3. I wanna see the whole world and not on national geographic
    4. I want to make my dad proud.
    5. I wanna pwn religious leaders in 1-1 debate.
    6. I want an endless supply of burgers
    7. I don't wanna get fat.

  • I think 6 is false for you.

    • How did you know it was 6

    • Because all the other pictures show a person who would see the guy in the picture as being shallow, something you are not.

  • 1. I want to be an astronaut
    2. I want to climb Mt. Everest
    3. I want to have a threesome (two girls)
    4. I want to live in New York City.
    5. I want to travel to Australia
    6. I want to take a submarine to the Mariana Trench
    7. I want to earn my pilot's license

  • You don't want to live in Missouri?
    1 to be an astronaut
    2 to visit Austrailia
    3 to hit the lottery
    4 live in my own house
    5 a cool and normal girlfriend
    6 hike a mountain
    7 ride a unicycle

    So which one is false

  • 1: to become an engineer
    2: to marry that girl who loves me
    3: to visit Saudi arab
    4: to live in that city where weather always be pleasant
    5: to do skydiving
    6: I want to have 3 daughters in my life.
    7: to have that much of money that to fulfill the needs of my family.

  • 1-i want to be a nuclear Scientist and i wanna be expert at designing nuclear weapons.

    2-i want to have a body like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    3- i want to marry a woman and have 5 kids.

    4- i want to have a wolf as a pet.

    5- i want to drive Tanks xD.

    6- i want to destroy the moon.

    7 -i want to listen to 80's music hits all the day.

  • 1 : i want to skydive in a club
    2 : i want to be married with 2 kids and a dog
    3 : i am deeply religious
    4 : i have a list of people i want to kill / see dead
    5 : i love Igor Presnyakov
    6 : i find twerking deeply repulsive
    7 : i love japanese culture / animation / mangas

  • 1. Sing
    2. Dance
    3. Draw
    4. Write
    5. Teach
    6. Invent
    7. Father


  • I think it is 7


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  • I'm guessing the last one is false lol

    1. I wanna be an author
    2. I wanna travel the world
    3. I want a lot of kids
    4. I want a lot of pets
    5. I wanna get married in Ireland
    6. I wanna go to the wonderful wizarding world of hogwarts
    7. I wanna have a garden in my future home

  • 1 I want to move from my home continent
    2 I want to learn Portuguese
    3 I want to visit the catacombs
    4 I want to be a famous model
    5 I want to be a famous ballerina
    6 I want to be married by 25
    7 I want to live to be 100

    Is 7 false on your list?

    • Nope for me it's 6 and your is 7

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    • I wasn't sure at first, so then I quickly looked at your profile for a clue. It says you cook/write poetry/sing, so I imagined that if you were wanting to be a ballerina you would have already be dancing by this age... Which means it would probably be a passion... Which means you would have listed it on the profile if it were true.

      Wasn't listed on your profile, so I guessed it was false 😁

    • @dangerDoge good detective skills then i actually used to do ballet but I hated it so I stopped.

  • 1. I want to live in a cold environment
    2. I want to be a nude model
    3. I want to skydive
    4. I want to adopt kids
    5. I want to go jet skiing
    6. I want to learn how to live in a plant-based diet
    7. I want a tattoo

  • 1. I want to own 3 cats
    2. I wanna live in a quiet town
    3. I want to be a nurse
    4. I really want some tacos right now
    5. I want Zelda Breath of the Wild
    6. I want a WiiU for ^
    7. I want a snuggie

  • 1.) I want to be a billionaire.
    2.) I want to marry Adam Levine.
    3.) I want to experience to live in anime world.
    4.) I want to sleep now but I can't cause I'm at work.
    5.) I want to see my future.
    6.) I want to have a sport car and a bike.
    7.) I want to get married.