Do you believe a time machine does or can exist?

Do you believe in other dimensions and/or planes?
In your opinion, can 1960 co-exist with 2016?
In your opinion, does the aferlife exist?

  • I believe it already does
  • I believe it could in the future
  • No
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  • No, not possible. The shortest and most simple reason? Time is a concept that humans have made up. It's not an actual "thing".

    And even if it were somehow possible, the instant/moment the very first person time traveled, it'd not only create an infinite amount of paradoxes, it'd also destroy the cosmos. You see.. After the first time travel, it'd mean it'd been done an infinite amount of times before, which with this amount of "infinite" an infinite amount of every person, or even the same person for that matter.. would be bundled up in a single universe, making it a giant meatball.


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  • Well, let me start off by saying that "other dimensions" are only a hypothesis so far. There's not a shred of evidence they actually exist (which doesn't mean they certainly don't, I'm just saying it's important to keep in mind that this is merely an unproven assumption so far).

    As for time machines: here we have to distinguish between time machines that can travel forward in time and such that can travel backwards in time.
    Traveling into the past is almost certainly impossible. Of course I admit that we don't know everything and new findings may change everything but speaking as of today, it seems absolutely impossible to travel into the past. And EVEN IF somebody could build a time machine that travels into the past, it would only be a "simple" time machine. What that means is that you would only be able to travel as far back as the moment you first switched on the machine. So for example if you switch on your machine in the year 2016, you can't ever travel back to the year 2010. Some people actually believe this type of simple time machine could actually be built, such as Professor Ronald Mallett from Penn State University. However, even he acknowledges that it won't ever be possible to built a time machine with which you can travel back to meet Da Vinci or Sokrates. Sadly, that's simply not possible with the laws of physics of our universe.

    Now, in the case of traveling forward in time: this is theoretically possible. Though we are still VERY far away from building an actual time machine, there's no physical law that prohibits this. In fact, Einstein's general theory of relativity suggests that traveling into the future is well possible. One idea to achieve this is by traveling through a worm hole. The problem obviously is that we have no idea whether worm holes even exist (they're also just a hypothesis) and even if they exist, we have no idea where to find them or if they're even safe to travel through.
    Another, theoretical way to travel into the future would be to find a method to travel faster than the speed of light. This, however, poses several problems. First of all, it currently looks like there simply is no faster thing than the speed of light in our universe. Secondly, even if there was something faster, the energy to achieve such a speed is INCREDIBLY high. Just think of this: the CERN in Switzerland/France uses as much power as a whole city, just to speed PROTONS (sub-atomic particles) to almost the speed of light. If we

    • tried the same thing with a human being or even a rocket, we'd need more energy than is produced by our whole galaxy. A third problem is mass: According to Einstein's famous formula e = mc2, mass increases exponentially, the closer you get to the speed of light. This means that if you "only" traveled with 10% of the speed of light, you'd already weigh thousands of tons. Since this would of course be lethal, somebody would have to find a solution to this problem.

      All in all it can be said that time machines certainly don't exist yet. Will they ever exist? Yes and no. The ones that travel into the past: no. Extreeeeemely unlikely. The ones that travel into the future: perhaps. But even if we will eventually find a way to travel to the future, it won't be anytime soon. I strongly doubt it will be within this millennium.

  • So there is evidence that we have had access to a branch of physics called torsion physics since the 40's. Torsion physics deals with counter rotating electromagnetic fields. With this stuff you can literally engineers space time on a workbench. space/time, gravity/force propulsion are what you would need to time travel. looks like they have had it at least since the NAZis. Though there is evidence tesla was working with a lot of the same concepts even before then.
    Point being we have had the branch of physics open for close to a hundred years if not more. Its likely they already have something that does this

  • Just because we are not aware of a technology that makes time travel possible, does not mean that it is impossible.

  • Of course it does!
    Its just not made by us and will never be made by us because we are an incredibly stupid civilization. Probably one of the stupidest there are in the universe...
    We will never make or have access to a time machine, period.
    But its probably already been made by another civilization, far far away.

  • yes, i have a time machine in my room, it displays time perfectly. i dont know about the dimensions but it can fit on your wrist. i also dont know about 1960 and 2016 that could be possible.

  • Its %1000 impossible.


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