What was this movie?

there was a red and short haired woman, who was in love with an older guy. she worked as a maid in his house, actually they were just faking it, because the mans son was also living in that house, and he was at the age of that woman. he was blonde and had blue eyes i think. he was mad, he also fell in love with the woman - you can guess about the love triangle. but before that, he got married, but as he was mad, he kicked his wife out of the house on the marriage day. he was writing poems and sending em to the papers but they werent published but they were liked by the woman? anyway, reading the poems together, they got closer eventually and they consummated their love. and the woman got pregnant. she felt sorry and told the old guy everything. he appreciated her honesty and wanted her to stay, but she refused. years later, we saw a photo of her son. but who was his father? we didn't know. the old guy was either his grandpa or his father. the blonde guy was either his father or his older brother. it didn't matter, two and a half men were happy: in the photo the old guy was kissing his left cheek and the blonde guy was kissing his right cheek. the family was happy ever after.


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  • i have no idea but if you find out let me know sounds good

    • i have so many great movies whose plots i remember only.

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