I want this condo in Florida?

I want to live in this type of condo


But I don't have a job nor am I going to school to buy a million dollar condo but its beautiful and I want it,... hod do people afford these lovely home.. what's should I do?


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  • Lay in bed and go to sleep.

    The best way to live in a condo like that is in your dreams.


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  • Lol. Sometimes dreams have to stay, well... dreams.


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  • Pick your panties back up off the floor lady... you ain't gonna live anywhere like that unless you win the lottery.

    • :'( :'(

    • Ditch Florida.
      Trade the ocean for a lake.
      Get a good job.
      Remodel a fixer.

      Own a house that's just as nice when you retire... but it's not going to be that one.

      p. s. $70,000 a month... I wouldn't pay that even if I could afford it.

    • Sounds good!

  • Doable if it's in another location but if you insist on having one on Miami Beach , well, you better have a business plan.

    • Another location? l

    • Maybe go to a foreclosure auction and see if you can snag up a cheapie.

    • Awesome! thanks!

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