How hard is it to catch a toddler crossing the road?

I know this is just a movie (the actor that played the toddler is still alive so don't worry) but in real life it shouldn't be hard to catch a toddler heading towards the road, esp if it's your child.

Or would this distance be too far for any grown-up (I'm referring to the distance to where the father was, who failed miserably to get his son on time)?

The author Stephen King's own son was going to die in that exact manner too when he was a toddler but unlike the movie, the author grabbed his child right on the last minute.


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  • Hmmm... Pretty hard I think. You have to keep yourself safe too. And at an intense moment it's hard to get all your thoughts together. Like, should you grab him and go back? Grab and keep running to the other side? Not enough time to process all that.

    • True. The own author doesn't even remember exactly how he saved his son. It was a very scary moment to him and he made that event into a book and movie, wondering what it would be like being seconds late.

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