Is there an agenda to the orlando incident?

i have read the head line and it looks bad for those who believe in the freedom to bare arms act. but i remember something similar happening a few years ago. because people wanted to ban guns etc. but the NRA won and the bill was defeated. fast forward a few years the gun bill will be up for another vote to ban certain guns and this guy kills a 50 people with no real help from the police. which happened in a LGBT bar.

to me this looks like a 2 sided attack on the gun bill and the government allowed it to happen so they can pass there agenda in Washington with our president taking the lead on it. and while i sound like im one sided on the situation im not. im pissed about what happened i have stated this in more than one thread on this site talking about how i felt about it.

And every few years a horrible act like orlando happens when the bill for gun rights is about to come up , yeah i know there is no way they are related except for the passing of a bill that banes certain type of guns/bullets. it always fails like it did when that Last senator i forget her name was shot by some guy who just so happened to get past security. they wanted a ban on certain guns and bullets because of what happened to her, here is the link to that Lady i dont won't anyone to think im making this up.

it failed to pass and it got quiet not much was heard about the gun bill or rights , then here we have the orlando shooting 50 people killed that should have been better protected but weren't and its during an election year guess what bill will come up or should i say bills since the LGBT community wants a law passed to allow guys to go in girls lockers room and they could be sex offenders lying about being LGBT but no one seems to care about the children in Washington just rights that can be used like a wolf in sheep's clothing.


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  • That's definitely an interesting theory with the timing, I honestly wouldn't be that surprised

    • yeah and if the bills not passed again i worry about who will be next? mental challenged kids and there be even more deaths? if my theory is right which i think is just to fantastic to not believe at this point.

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  • Mexico has tough gun laws, yet the cartels run the show. Guns get into the country. How? The black market and deep web


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  • no, this is about isis trying to terrorize people. it's ISIS, not the American government

    • how can you be so sure because with what going on in the world Isis is a great scapegoat for anyone who wants to d something like this. and there is no way to refute it because of the hatred for them. anger has everyone blinded i think.

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    • isis did it. the guy who did it, is muslim

    • yeah thats what the media says and with how social everyone is its hard not to believe it. and notice how the word social comes up just like in socialist dont you think thats odd? you can't trust anything you hear or see because in the end its all gonna be swept under the rug and a new head line will replace it.

  • If you look to the shooter, and the shooter's father's, backgrounds, you conclude that is the case, more likely than not.

    • yeah and it troubles me how no ine can see beyond the head lines you see in the news, and i wonder what will happen next if those bills are not past.

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    • I assume you have noticed all the oddities.
      DId it take one shooter only to dead out 50 people?
      Why there is no mention of security cameras footage?
      Why no witnesses, while some people managed to escape?

      Even the politican's murder in the UK may serve a purpose (to have Stay in the EU win).

    • yeah i have noticed them , and whats funny is that the only ones not noticing them are the ones wanting t pass the bills i mentioned in my question. there is just way to much just to jump to the conclusion that one party did this. and to believe that is like putting blinders on so people can go on believing those happy rainbow dreams that make them feel safe.

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