Why am I so small and what do people think of small people?

I feel like I'm constantly being judged or something cos a lot of people mention how tiny I am on a daily basis. I'm pretty short at 4'9 and also skinny. I just feel like everytime someone mentions how small I am, they think I look strange or something because they mention my size. Do you think that small people are weird looking? I just feel like thats what people think when they tell me how tiny I am, cos why would they feel the need to mention how small I am to me? What do people usually think when they see someone who's really petit?


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  • Well, that's pretty exceptionally tiny. I'm assuming people think you are a child more often than not.

    It's just 'not the norm'. It would be like seeing someone that was 6'8" or something. Sure you see some every now and then but it will cause double takes from some people.

  • There's nothing you can do about changing height.

    It's genetic.

    I don't think people are weird looking due to size.

    I'm two feet taller than you and people always mention my height too. People give me weird looks all the time.

    People always like to point out what looks out of place.


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