Can someone tell me what's going on here regarding this manager/job?

First and foremost, I worked at walmart for 2 to almost 3 years and was terminated last March due to store policy violation (being on my phone). So I've had a letter stating I'm rehireable. Anyways last Friday, my ex coworker introduced me to the new lawn and garden manager, so she said she would hire me because I'm guessing it's my experience there and she told me to call her on Tuesday. So, I called on Tuesday, and supposedly she was overwhelmingly busy so she will tell me what time to call her and so I did until she told me to call her the following day at 8am, she answered and still busy, so I called three other times that day when she didn't answer the phone but the operator answered and left her a message which worked to no avail. I decided to go there myself that same day just for her to tell me she is going to florida and won't be back until Monday and that I should call her. Should I keep trying? Is she just stringing me along? I don't understand. It's starting to piss me off


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  • Persistance will show you're willing. If you try for a month and nothing, then leave it, but she is a manager and may genuinely be busy. Show patience and persistence.

  • She doesn't want you. If she did, it wouldn't be such a hard process.

    • So, even though she said she would hire me and tell me to call her, she doesn't want me? What is her motive or intention of stringing me along?

    • She wasn't being sincere I believe. If you wanted to hire you, you would be hired.

    • I don't understand why she didn't just say "I'm not going to hire you" from the beginning

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