Why would I keep getting rejected?

I thought i was a catch. i always get told by people that they dont understand why i'm still single. maybe i haven't been meeting the right people. or maybe its me.

I'm shy at first, but im generally a quiet person. I'm pretty calm and am pretty laid back about a lot of things. I love to laugh. In fact, i can't take a lot of things seriously. I always make a joke out of everything, even at the worst times. but i can make people laugh, even without trying. I may come off as shy and innocent because im short and i have a very soft voice and i dress conservatively. i dont like to show my assets. i wear skinny jeans and t shirts so they're pretty visible. i dont feel the need to show skin.

im majoring in the stem field. I also work. i used to spend most of my time working and studying. i decided to cut back on work to focus on research and studying. im an engineering major so the majority of the people there are guys, which brings me back to the way i dress. i want their respect, not for them to drool over me. I guess im not ugly though. a lot of men and women have told me that im beautiful and what not.

all of the guys i've liked have rejected me though. maybe i only told a few of them. its a recent thing i've started to do. the guys i've always liked were guys i met at work who didn't go to college, not that it matters to me but im not sure if they feel inferior to me. i was once told that guys will be intimidated by my intelligence so its understandable that i'm single now. but i dont think its fair. i dont pretend to act dumb but i dont try to make anyone feel dumb either. i believe anyone can be intelligent in their own way. you dont always need a college education.

i just transferred to a new school and i am meeting new people in my field. i've never really met other engineers so i'm not sure if maybe i'll meet someone there but to be honest, i feel like giving up on finding someone. im tired of being rejected.

could it be something i'm doing wrong?


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  • Maybe you seem too 'distant', or 'different' to guys. Sounds to me like you just don't fit the usual pattern (and that's great), be happy, at least you won't have to deal with some emotional rollercoasters like people who haven't acctually found & built themselves yet. 😊

    • this makes sense. i think i am both, to be honest. distant and different. no matter what i do, i dont fit in but i guess i'm well liked anyway, at least as a friend.

      yeah in a way, im glad i dont have that kind of drama in my life. i am taking this time to find myself and be more self reliant, and find what i love. i want to focus on school and my career. but it still sucks that i keep getting turned down. it makes me feel like there's something wrong with me

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  • You sound cute but its hard to tell with no pic? I on the other hand am single cause
    I'm ugly and fat.


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