Mechanic or legal help?

Dude working on my car said he won't give me my car til I give him 1000 dlls,,
He swapd the transmission. ..
A Shop said they'll charge me only 400 blls

what can I do?


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  • What did you agree on before they started the work? Was it in writing?
    Depending on where you live, it's probably a law that they have to give you an estimate in writing before they start work. You need to sign the estimate ahead of time.

    If none of that was done, you might not have much recourse. I'm *guessing* the rule that would apply is whether the charge is completely out of ordinary for standard labor rates in your area.

    $1000 for a transmission swap might be legit. Does that include the cost of the tranny? If so I assume it's used.

    • No i baught tranny,, and I asked befor he did anything and he didn't give me a number he said he had to see,, it's not a legit shot it's a garage ,,

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    • Yea, good luck. Make sure you get all your parts if you can. And be ready for a fight, either in person or in court. You already know he's going to be pretty pissed. But sometimes things work that way. It sucks but it happens.

      Let us know how it goes because I'm curious. :)

    • K thanks

  • If someone did that to me I wouldn't be on Gag asking what to do my inner thug would come back out real nigga shit xD but yeah, im totally srs

    • Well will see wen it happends to u (:
      Ya trust me I want to burn this fools family alive in his house...

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    • Thn u ain't no thug homie

    • I'm raw wit it ,, old school trece