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Simply what's your story? It could be who you are, What you've experienced, your dreams and goals, and if you've achieved them or closing in on them.

It wouls only be fair to share my story as well.

Born in Oslo the year 1997, the second child of my parents. Both boys. 5yrs later I got a little brother, at thr same time my father was making other babies with another woman. My mom learnt of this years later and was crushed, but decided to try and stay and fix things up.
Almost a decade after that, mother was with a fourth child. Things weren't going good with her and father, so she had hopes of that child would bring some good. As she is in her last month, father had to go travel to England on a business meeting. As she was about to give birth, she called him, but his reply was that the meeting was really important and crucial. As she delivere the child, few days later we all found out that he was in England with another woman. Yep..

Mother took us and moved out. Me? I realized my father is an alright father but a terrible husband. Now I'm in my last year of high school, few weeks left and I'll be done with school.
Luckily what happened with my parents had nothing but good effect on me.
After High school I'll take the year off, most likely more years off. Perhaps I'll one day study history, never know.


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  • I was born into a poor family, my father was always at work or out with a girlfriend while I was with my grandparents, because my dad didn't want me with my mom.

    I grew up moving around a lot and no matter where I lived, I was incredibly bullied. I was always that teachers-pet, I read a lot and I was smarter than them so they didn't like me.

    After years and years of bullying, telling my dad and him doing nothing, I just came to accept it and tried my best to ignore it. I eventually became incredibly depressed. By the time I was in 8th grade, I tried to commit suicide. An EIGHTH grader.

    Well my dad wasn't ever one for emotion but around 7-8th grade, before and after my suicide attempt, my dad became a lot more emotionally abusive. He would call me fat, make fun of my acne etc. He'd say "Why dont you ever hang out with friends?" etc but when I asked he'd say no and he'd force me to stay home so I could be his personal maid, nurse, cook whatever he needed.

    When he found out I was suicidal in 9th grade, he dragged me into the garage and handed me a blade, said "Slit your wrists, bleed out." Then locked me in there and left. That was the day i said my first official "fuck you" to my dad.

    As time progressed my father began hitting me, slaps to my head or smacking me, using the belt on my ass too. Even if I did something *his wife specifically told me to do* he'd punish me by doing these military workouts I did NOT have the strength/endurance to do. He'd have me hold 10 pound weights in each hand, hold my hands above my head completely straight, while doing laps up and down the flight of stairs in my house. That was a part of his punishment, so was takinng awway my fucking BOOKS.

    One night, I was punished from all electronics for some dumb thing. I was using my brothers computer to message my mom because I was so depressed and I wanted to live with her. My dad burst into my room screaming and just began beating me with the belt not caring where it landed. I had welts and was bleeding because of him.

    The next day at school i told one of my friends why it hurt so much to sit down, she wouldn't stop asking. She got PISSED. So she dragged me from the classroom to the counselor, she explained to her counselor what was wrong and made me talk to her.

    Eventually, after and long and grueling process of cops and photo taking and CPS, my mother got temporary custody of me so she picked me up and took me to her home. I was finally with my mom. (Continued)

    • Since I was with my mom, she let me use her phone. I had a crush on this guy who I befriended during the time I was iwth my dad so this guy (B) and I started dating. Well I'll make that long story short, he ended the relationship with me by saying "I can do better then you, forget about me." And I was heartbroken- it took me over 5 months to get over him and to this day I still miss him and even though we were in an unhealthy relationship, and he lied to me so so so much, apart of me will always love him.

      Now I am currently in a very healthy, very happy relationship with a very sweet and loving boyfriend, my mother had a baby, my mother is engaged, and I am in my last year of High School. I still have depression but not as severe, I still have anxiety, but I am no longer suicidal. In August I have to go to court in front of a jury because the state is pressing charges against my dad, and I'm gonna end up crying, but if my dad is found to be guilty then my mother gets automatic full

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    • thank you for this, i turned it into a mytake :P

    • Anytime :) No worries ;)

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  • This would be a good mytake; I guess I should start there. It would be a mytake series or a mini memoir