Guys, out of curiosity... are you afraid of bugs?

Just happened to wonder this, since I usually rely on my guy friends or the guy I'm dating to kill bugs for me since I'm terrified of them. I've always wondered if perhaps they're secretly terrified too, even if they don't seem like it bothers them when they kill them.

  • Yes
    21% (3)
  • No
    43% (6)
  • Depends on the bug
    36% (5)
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  • I am not. But like most/many others, I will react with surprise if one is suddenly on me, or flies quickly in front of me.

    • That makes sense. Thanks for replying!

What Guys Said 3

  • i like all bugs, if they are harmless i refuse to hurt it, unless its poisonous or carries diseases than i stay away respect it or kill it sometimes, cause its not really their fault. and it has the right to live as much as we do.

    • But you would at least be able to get it away from the girl if they were freaking out about it, right?

    • lol yes of course.

    • Okay lol. That's what I was mostly wondering. People at peace with bugs is a okay with me as long as they can take them awaaaaay. Hahaha.

  • Cockroach is fine but i i see wasps like tarantula hawk i will surely run lol

    • LOL! The way you said that was so funny.

  • wasps are a naaaa son, nope that's a no.