Being called 'Beautiful' by girls, does it mean they found me effeminate?

I've been being called beautiful by girls. Only times when people complimented me as hot/handsome/sexy it was by guys.



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  • No it just means you are model material or you have features about you that are handsome but handsome isn't a good enough word to describe how you look in the eyes of the other person..


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  • She most likely does find you attractive, but women really seem to enjoy screwing with a guys confidence as a man. I think it is a subconscious way of testing his emotional strength. If they can emasculate him that easily, then it shows that he is emotionally weak. That is why a woman will use feminine words to describe men, even though she would be outraged and hurt if guys were using masculine words to describe her.

    • Well. I'm not talking about a single girl. I dont think everyone tested my emotional strength.

    • I am not talking about a single girl. I am talking about women in general. They like to screw with a man's sense of masculinity. Even if she doesn't want to date you, this would still be effective in finding out what kind of person you are. Which is why I think it is a subconscious way of testing men.

      In a similar aspect men test their male friends emotional strength all the time as well. We are constantly talking shit to each other. If our friend gets his feelings hurt too badly then we don't have as much respect for him as the friend that laughs it off, or has a clever comeback ready.

    • I second your last paragraph (y)

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  • No it means she thinks your sexy

    • I think sexy = hot ;)

    • Yeah but also means beautiful