What's the best area for a student apartment in Kalamazoo, MI ❤?

Hey guys, I just got accepted from Western Michigan University and I'm moving to Kalamazoo this coming semester. I'm going to live there with my boyfriend but I don't know anything about the city so anyway can anyone help me with good and not that expensive apartment's information? Thank you 😘😘😘


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  • i know nothing about kalamazoo but here's some general advice:
    -check the crime rates. go to police website or call the pd and ask about specific ares. check the news and see if you notice a trend of shootings and robberies in certain areas
    -visit the area at different times of day and night. an area might look decent at 10am on Wednesday and be a hot mess at 9pm sat night
    -when you go notice if you see the following: visibly abandoned buildings that are not kept up, businesses/homes with burglar bars, check cashing stores, payday loan business and liquor stores = if you see these, they tend not to be in the best areas

    if you dont pay a lot of money in rent you are highly likely to live in a bad area, but you can do your research and live in an area thats cheap but decent that you feel safe


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