doesn't it feel good when you get a little payback?

just now some girl that hasn't spoken to me in like a week+ called me at 2am. i told her i dont want to come over right now cause she lives too far. she said she only wanted to talk. i said "i dont" she said thats fucked up. i said naw its fucked up that you think imma talk to you just cause you're bored. BOOM POW that felt good!


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  • Sure it can feel good, but I've discovered that finding pleasure in malice means that psychologically I'm damaged in some respect.

    In other words, it feels good to hurt others when you are hurt yourself. Personally, I'd rather not embrace my hurt and use it to fuel animosity. Fixing it is the best and most satisfying path.

    • nah i didn't want to fix it fuck her. im nice 99.9% of the time but that other percent im a badddd mannn

  • Congrats on the victory, dude. Sweet revenge without even doing anything bad - the best feels in de world.

  • U didn't get none wheres the victory

    • the victory is she thought id come at her beck and call but im not she's so mad texting me right now hahhahaha

    • Oh haha you go mayne

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