Is there a way to install shelf brackets without drilling?

My closet shelves collapsed recently and my dad wants me to fix it by myself (because he's mad at me) and I was looking at shelving brackets and thought that it would be nice to change up my closet instead of doing with the original wire rack. So I set up a plan on how I want it to go (while reusing the wire rack) but the thing is that, knowing my dad, I won't be allowed to use the drill to drill any pilot holes or anything, nor will I be able to use the stud finder and I'm sure he and my brother aren't willing to help me. So, it sounds pretty impossible since the weight of the bracket, the shelving wood and the wire rack together might make it pretty heavy. Not to mention the clothes I plan to be hanging, but I still want to know, is there a way to to install a closet shelf bracket without having to drill into my wall?


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  • Independent metal or wooden racks seem the best. Many systems exist.

    • it kind of seems like it would get in the way, honestly. It's a good idea but a lot of my clothing need to hung so I really don't to put everything on a shelf where I have to dig through piles to find a specific item, though I am incorporating something like a shelf inside, I don't want to use an independent shelf as the primary "clothing holder"

  • nails.

    glue on boards flat against the wall and then put boards across those boards

    make a bookshelf instead

    • too many bookshelves in my room (more like too many books and not enough shelves) and nails would risk splitting the wood behind the wall, plus I don't have a stud finder to use to find the wood behind the drywall. Since this is a one-person job (because no one in my family is willing to help... and I can't have friends over) I might not be strong enough to hold up a board long enough to let the glue dry

    • torque bars. twist the ends push against the wall.

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