Is my crush only interested in me as a friend, or does he like me back?

Ok so I really like this guy from my school, but I have no idea if he likes me back. He is not shy, he's outgoing. He is nice, but I guess immature when talking to his friends. He hangs out with a lot of girls, I think they like him too. We have broke the touch barrier, he has laid his head on my lap during a movie at school before. We have awkwardly held hands, and hugged. BUT he does this with other girls anyway. He's naturally flirty, I think. Two of his friends (a couple) totally ship us, we both deny it awkwardly. It's summer vacation, and I'm super shy, so I'm worried if he did like me during school, he gave up. Again, I am very shy, but I managed to get his number before summer vacation. When I text him, it takes him awhile to respond, and when we are in a conversation, it takes 6-16 minutes to respond to a text from me. I'm sorta needy, so waiting for him to respond is torture, and I have to sit on my hands when he replies so I don't reply in like, five seconds. Once or twice he has mentioned another girl from school... I don't know if they are a couple, because when I ask he doesn't answer, but answers a different question I probably also asked. I write long texts, and he writes short ones, but it takes him like 10 minutes? I really am confused and I'm getting mixed messages. What do you people think? :(


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  • Looks like he's playing you. And he's good at it because you let it happen.

  • Stop submitting yourself to this womanizer, I was to say.

    But submission to a womanizer is what excites you the most, it looks like :).


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